[Gardening] Do Strawberries Grow White In Color?

4351235710_fe9c31eec7_zDid you ever want to grow strawberries.  You know when they turn red they are ripe and ready for the eating.  Did you know that strawberries also grow white?

Looking for something familiar but different in the fruit category? Well, this certainly fills the bill. What you see pictured here is a white strawberry. With the red seeds it sort of looks like a negative of the red-fleshed, yellow-seeded kind, doesn’t it? But what you’re seeing is real, yellowy-whitish flesh and all.

This strawberry is called Hulaberry, and it’s a new variety I saw on display at a trade show of plant breeders earlier this spring. It’s certainly eye-catching, and the novelty of them is what will attract people to buy and grow them. Flavor-wise it has the taste of a mellow pineapple—again, a bit of a novelty. Imagine the pie or frozen daiquiri you could make with this strawberry!

There are two things to note about growing the Hulaberry. First, and most important, is that Hulaberry needs a regular ol’ red-fleshed strawberry variety planted nearby in order to produce fruit. Of course this means that pollinators such as bees are necessary to transfer pollen from the red to the white berry plant. The company introducing Hulaberry will make sure the white variety is packaged along with a red variety so proper pollination can occur.

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Image Source: Ramunas Geciauskas

Author: CuriousCultivator

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