[Gardening] Growing A Garden To Make Home Made Salsa

8490635175_cf1ecc5129_zHere is a list of plant ideas to add to your garden this year to grow the freshest ingredients required to make awesome home-made salsa.  Why purchase in the grocery store when you can make your own to your liking.


Offering one of the garden’s most distinctive flavors, cilantro creates a zing in every dish it’s in. Because cilantro is a short-season crop, it’s best to plant a few seeds every three or four weeks — that way you’ll have a steady supply.

Garden at a Glance

We grew this garden in a 10-square-foot bedin full sun. Because there’s a lot of clay in the Better Homes and Gardens Test Garden, we grew the plants in raised beds liberally amended with compost. All of the plants were provided by Bonnie Plants.

Better Boy Tomato

One of the most popular tomatoes, ‘Better Boy’ offers red globe-shape fruits with great taste and good disease resistance. It’s a vigorous plant that provides a lot of fruits over the season.

Golden Jubilee Tomato

Introduced in 1943, this award-winning tomato is still popular today. It offers loads of big, golden-yellow fruits with a mild flavor. It has good disease resistance.

Jalapeno Pepper

Add heat to your salsa with jalapeno peppers. They offer a distinct taste and mild to hot flavor. Use them green or wait for them to mature to red for extra color — they’re great both ways.

Garlic Chives

Garlic chives is an easy-to-grow perennial that gives great flavor to salsas. Try chopping it up and using it in homemade guacamole! The plant’s grassy leaves create nice texture in the garden and the edible white flowers are a pleasant late-summer surprise.

Sweet Pickle Pepper

This heavy-yielding variety offers wonderful, 2-inch-long fruits that turn from orange to yellow, purple, then red as they mature. It pickles well and makes a fun addition to salsas and salads.

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Image Source: Alan Levine

Author: CuriousCultivator

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