[Gardening] 10 Popular Plants To Grow In A Greenhouse

7535958970_926c58d2cd_zHere are 10 popular vegetable and fruit plant suggestion for successful growth in a green house.  These variety of plant options can be grown all year around.


1: Leafy greens:

You must start with something that belongs to “salad family” – almost every other leafy vegetable grows in the same manner, especially when considering the bedding plants. Other than the basic knowledge, there is some aesthetic knowledge needed as well when growing leafy vegetables. They have varying tastes and colors – they make the perfect starters and sidelines. These can be a great source of income as you can sell them to various grocery stores and even wholesalers.

2: Micro greens:

In simpler words, you can grow the lovely looking and with a mouthwatering taste Tatsoi, Beet, Peas, Choi and radish etc. they are extremely loved as sidelines and with as snacks. Once you have good knowledge, you can mix the varieties and make second-generation micro greens at your own.

3. Spinach:

It is one of the most grown greenhouse plants – if you want to enjoy the freshest and tastiest spinach, cut it from the garden and cook it immediately. It is so healthy that you can increase your intake of vitamins and minerals instantly.  Most importantly, you would never face trouble with growing and maintaining this vegetable.

4: Cucumber:

You must have been grown up eating cucumber salads or even the raw pieces with salt. They taste simply wonderful – however, growing them is not that simple. You need to shrink wrap them so that their freshness can be retained after harvesting.

5. Tomatoes:

Most of the greenhouses have tomatoes in various colors and shapes – they are easy to handle specially the beefsteak varieties.

6. Peppers:

Peppers are loved all over the world – they simply make the dishes tastier. To your surprise, there is a great variety of peppers that you can easily grow in your greenhouse. They have light to intense taste and colors are mind-blowing.

7: Herbs:

You might be interested in growing vegetables indoor greenhouse – herbs are the perfect in roots and without it as well. You can enhance the tastes of your meal with basil, cilantro and watercress etc.

8: Squash and Swiss chard:

They can be enjoyed planting and eating because they come in massive variety – they can even help you earn money by selling it to end users.

9: Citrus fruits:

You can grow a number of winter fruits in your greenhouse – these include sweet and sour, delicious looking melons, oranges and lemons. They have the ability to sustain even the coldest weather, so enjoy your winter evenings with juicy fruits.

10: Grapes:

Many do not know that the grapes can even be grown in the greenhouse – many free greenhouse plans can highlight details for you. You have to protect them from pests and take special care of the varieties like “black ham burgh” and “Buckland Sweetwater”.

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Image Source: Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourisum

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