[Ideas] 6 Creative Flower and Vegetable Planter Tips


Here are 6 creative flower and vegetable planter tips.  Got an old book for example, can become a nice desktop display for your entry way.  See ideas listed below.

1: Old book planter:

Ever thought that old, ugly and fat books would be ever used to enhance the house beauty? Never, right? Well, this is the right time of doing so; you can use old books to add some flowers in its center and using it as a simple planter. You can place it in your study room, library area, or in the office space.

2: Wooden garden planter:

The old wooden stacks or lumber lying here and there in the backyard can be used effectively to form a wooden planter. You can even use this type as a hanging planter on a safe side. You can even add vegetables like coriander or Spanish to this planter. Only flowerwould work well too. There are many other creative ideas for using pallets for garden and house beautification.

3: Colorful curtain planters:

If your aim is to have some garden wall planters, these types would be the best choice. These are gorgeous and look wonderful after months even. Make sure you take waterproofcurtain material, which has bright colors. Place taller plants inside so that they mingle well and fulfill your need.

4: Big tire planter:

If you are interested in knowing about larger planter ideas, go for the rubber tire plan. This would help you plant some of the tall growing shrubs and trees. Old tires from the tractor or big wheels can help you in assembling this planter. These can be used on the entrance or the main door. Paint the tires with lovely colors so that it blends well.

5: Boot Planter:

Use your old boots as the container and place lovely flowers in it.

6: Tin/can Planters:

You can use only cans with proper depth and add soil and your desired plants in it. It would act as a tiny garden in itself. These can be used as decorative pieces in the dining hall.

For more information and to get 6 more ideas visit source Planter Ideas

Image Source: San Jose Library

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