[Landscaping] Turn Your Old Junk Around The House Into Garden Containers

01677f1d853873fe378dd675ca72a504Do you have old junk just laying around your yard or in your garage.  Turn it into eye-appealing garden containers and spruce up your yard.  Here are 5 ideas…:






Growing flowers isn’t the only way to add color and interest to outdoor spaces. You can also personalize your green acres with character-filled items scavenged from flea markets, thrift shops, even your own garage. An old iron headboard, for instance, can stand in as a trellis for climbing vines. Mismatched interior doors can be hinged together to serve as walls for a movable open-air room. Read on for more creative ideas for turning vintage castoffs into garden ornaments.

1) Hold top-heavy flowers, such as these zinnias, upright within the zigzagging springs of old metal patio furniture. Anything with spaces through which flowers can grow will work—even a wire basket with large mesh.

2) Corral potted herbs in a worn wheelbarrow or wagon, such as this Radio Flyer, so that you can easily move them to catch the sun or sidle up to the BBQ.

3) Root iron fence sections deep in the soil, as was done here, to provide a boundary for a patch of lilies. You can also create a border with fragments of an old stone cornice.

4) Welcome nesters with a handmade house. The spout on this oilcan makes a perfect perch. Another draw: a birdbath made from a salvaged pedestal sink.

5) Search the tool shed for shapely items to suspend from twine. Here, a metal funnel—a natural because it has built-in drainage—cradles a tuft of ornamental grass. Other good candidates for hanging planters are tin watering cans and loop-handle buckets. Drill small holes in the bottom and place pea gravel inside to keep soil from spilling out.

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Image Source: Ron Miller

Author: CuriousCultivator

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