[Gardening] Organic Gardening On A Budget With Helpful Tips

In today’s economy many individuals and families have to decide on the sacrifices they must make in order to balance their budget with the cost of store purchased food (Organic vs. Non-Organic).  There are many factors to consider when one makes these kinds of purchases as you don’t know how well this natural food has been grown, processed and delivered.  Of course, there is a sure way of avoiding all of these unknown issues is to grow you own organic garden, but this takes both time and money.  Here are some good tips to follow if you are financially challenged with growing an organic garden:

Penny Pinching Tips
  • Go online. Visit OrganicGardening. com’s seed-swap forum. Craigslist has free, barter, and farm-garden categories where anything from mulch to seedlings, even lawn tools, finds a new home fast. On Freecycle.org, everything is free.

  • Or check the local Cooperative Extension for free seed. Host an exchange.

  • Barter and trade with friends and coworkers. Get creative: bake a cake or babysit in exchange for help planting a tree or for the loan of a truck.

  • Scavenge your land or neighborhood. Tree trunks can become the sides of a raised bed; branches and brush can be turned into trellises and plant supports.

  • The supermarket usually has boxes and containers available for the asking.

  • Split the cost of expensive tools or large seed orders with friends and neighbors.

  • Offer your labor or skills to a local CSA or market farmer for seedlings or produce. Many CSAs off er free or discounted subscriptions in exchange for a certain number of hours of work.

  • Keep the giving cycle going. Donate leftover seeds and materials to local schools, community gardens, or the Cooperative Extension, and your excess harvest to a food bank.

Article Source: Less Is More: Gardening On A Budget

Bonus Organic Gardening Video On A Budget

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